Please read the below contract and session information in full.  Typing your name in the signature field is your acknowledgement and agreement of the photographers terms.  Angie L Photography will email you to finalize the sitting and then send an invoice.  The invoice must be paid in full within two days to reserve your sitting date.

Standard Terms & Conditions

A non-refundable session fee of $195 is due within 2 days of your initial consultation.  ANGIE L PHOTOGRAPHY  SHALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL YOUR SESSION DATE OR TO GIVE IT TO ANOTHER CLIENT IF IT DOES NOT RECEIVE THE RETAINER within the allotted 2 days. The sitting fee shall be good for services performed on the originally scheduled date. In the event that you need to re-schedule that date, pricing and our availability to provide services on such date will be reviewed.  In the event of a cancellation, your retainer will be honored one reschedule date. If that date is also cancelled, a new retainer will apply for future sessions.

Only the persons being photographed may attend the session; provided, however, that in the case of children and infants, up to 2 parents may also attend. Parents attending sessions are kindly asked to adhere to any instructions from the photographer and to refrain from interfering with the photographer’s work. Personal assistants, nannies, caregivers, friends and siblings may not attend sessions unless arrangements have been made with the photographer at the consultation.  ABSOLUTELY NO PHOTOGRAPHIC, VIDEO, FILM, DIGITAL OR RECORDING DEVICES OF ANY KIND ARE PERMITTED DURING A SESSION.

The sitting fee pays for your in-person or phone pre-session consultation, up to 1 hour of photography time at your session, image preparation and one in-person viewing/order session.

Angie L Photography reserves the right to terminate any session due to any failure of the client to adhere to the requirements set forth in this Agreement or if the subject(s) being photographed are unwilling to be photographed or if anyone in the session is behaving in a manner that the photographer deems inappropriate or inconsistent with the purposes of the session. In the event of any such termination, Angie L Photography may offer to schedule a new session in its sole discretion; provided, however, that it is under no obligation to do so. Under no circumstances will the retainer be refunded.

Parties being photographed must be dressed, made up and prepared at the designated start time. Sessions will begin and end promptly as scheduled. Additional photography time may be purchased in half-hour increments for $75 per half-hour (photographer availability and schedule permitting). Angie L Photography captures the “essence” of the sitter; the finer details (combed hair, clean faces, jewelry etc.) are the clients responsibility. Tending to these items before the session will be much simpler and more cost effective for the client.

All orders will be placed at the viewing/order session. This session will last approximately 1 - 1 1/2 hours. During the order session, you will view all of the edited images via screen format. Order sessions may be rescheduled, but in the rare instances where additional order sessions are requested, an hourly fee of $150 will apply.

Additional family members are welcome to attend the order session to assist and to order for themselves. Though Angie L Photography does photograph families, we ask that no child under the age of twelve attend the proofing session. We have found that this allows for easier decision making.

We offer professional retouching services for a fee of $50.00 per half hour, including removal of braces, wrinkles, tan lines, etc.)

All orders must be placed at the time of your viewing/order session. ALL PRODUCTS MUST BE PAID FOR IN FULL BY THE END OF THE ORDER SESSION. ALL SUCH PAYMENTS ARE FINAL AND ARE NOT REFUNDABLE. It is recommended that you prepare lists of the types and quantities of products that you expect to order prior to the order session given the time limit. While you are free to add items to your order, any removal of items in this order, once you have left the order session, will incur a $75 fee which will be billed at the time your order arrives. Images are archived at the discretion of Angie L Photography. Images can be unarchived with a minimum order of $150.

Completed orders may be delivered during normal business hours and you will be notified when your products are ready. While we anticipate that print orders will be filled in approximately 2-3 weeks, Angie L Photography makes no guarantees in this regard. Rush orders can be placed for an additional fee. Once your portraits are delivered, there are no returns or exchanges, so please be certain to inspect your order carefully. If you choose to have your order shipped, we must be notified within 24 hours of any problems.

Angie L Photography’s liability for its provision of products and services hereunder shall be limited to the amounts paid to Angie L Photography hereunder.

Angie L Photography is not responsible or liable for any failure to provide any services/images due to any act of God, weather event, act of government or any other occurrence, act or event which is outside of Angie L Photography’s exclusive control. In addition, Angie L Photography shall not be responsible for equipment failure or the failure of any software or other computer or electronic medium which results in any damage to any proofs, negatives, digital files, prints or photos or which result in the inability to print or duplicate any of the foregoing.

Angie L Photography shall have the right to use all negatives, files, proofs, photos, prints and all images and likenesses thereon in connection with its display and marketing efforts and you grant to Angie L Photography a royalty-free, fully paid and irrevocable license to use all such materials for its commercial and artistic purposes and you represent that you have the authority to grant the same.

You agree to be responsible for any damage occurring to any of Angie L Photography’s equipment or property during or as a result of the event or the actions of any session attendees, or as a result of any condition or occurrence at an on-location session which results in damage, other than damage which results solely from Angie L Photography’s negligence.

While Angie L Photography strives to provide its clients with the utmost in photography services, Angie L Photography is, first and foremost, a photography studio with an established style and reputation. While Angie L Photography regularly works with its clients to deliver photographs which will meet their individualized needs, Angie L Photography reserves the right to exercise full artistic control over the nature, number and types of pictures it creates.

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